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Conviso undergoes rebranding and reinforces its positioning as a Dev First, SaaS, and global company

After a rebranding process, Conviso now announces its new website, new visual identity, and the restructuring of its main platform, which is now called Conviso Platform. The AppSec specialist’s goal is to reinforce that it is a SaaS company – Software as a Service.

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The new phase also reflects the company’s new purpose: to empower development professionals to build secure applications.

Conviso Platform: One platform, five products

The process began with the restructuring of Conviso’s main product, a platform focused on DevSecOps, which is now also segmented into 5 products – each focused on at a stage of the secure development cycle.

In order for the vision of the development lifecycle to be clearer to the target audience, each product will focus on a different moment of the secure development cycle.

The 5 products are Attack Surface, Secure By Design, Secure Pipeline, Protection as a Code, and People and Culture.

Attack Surface aims to monitor external security from network and web scans of assets exposed to the internet. It allows for unified management, as well as direct actions in the prevention and correction of vulnerabilities. It is on this product that the famous pentests are performed. Secure By Design, in turn, aims to identify risks associated with the development and provide requirements for secure application construction.

Secure Pipeline performs automated tests in the development pipeline, providing scale and traceability, enabling the analysis of the main types of tests associated with code, infrastructure, and open source.

Conviso also provides Protection as a Code, a product whose objective is to apply corrections and monitor the main attacks from the development pipeline, under the management of developers.

Finally, the training and continuous development of teams are up to People & Culture, which provides a practical environment, based on gamification, with real challenges, which promotes high engagement of development teams.

New visual identity

To further reinforce its relationship with application security, the new Conviso logo now alludes to the devsecops symbol, so that the association is made immediately by the company’s target audience. The company’s website has also accompanied the redesign.

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