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Conviso conquers the Great Place to Work (GPTW) seal for the second year in a row

With a score of 9.3 out of 10, Conviso has conquered the Great Place to Work (GPTW) seal for the second consecutive year. The company always seeks to evolve its performance in the IT market and the satisfaction of its employees.

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“The 9.3 grade is excellent. However, we understand that the results of this survey are also an instrument for improvement” explains Estela Faust, Employer Branding Analyst at the company. “We intend to analyze, identify our strengths and what we can improve so that in this way we can create an efficient action plan that continues to make Conviso an amazing place to work”.

In business since 2008, the company has seen significant growth in recent years, reaching 70 employees in 2022, against 53 at the beginning of last year. According to Estela, having the Great Place to Work certification indicates that the company is very sought after to work, which increases  the chance of having the best professionals participating in its selection processes.

“We highly value continuous development and believe that everyone has the possibility to grow at least 1% a day. That’s why we seek to ensure a structure with actions that show opportunities for growth, such as a culture of sincere feedback, performance evaluations and individual development plans”. 

Estela highlights that the learning process is focused on improving both hard and soft skills, which helps when it comes to building solid knowledge. “All of this helps to enhance the results at work, increasing motivation, commitment and, ultimately, the growth of the company”, she says.

“Conviso was last certified in June 2022 and our main goal is to be able to celebrate the achievement with employees, improve the reputation of the employer brand, attract new talent, positively transform the work environment, and as a result, increase happiness at work”.

She also states that, since 2020, the company has a high happiness index, the main indicator of satisfaction. The survey is carried out with 100% of employees and has always been above 9.0. For Estela, this reflects the result of all the preoccupation with inner happiness.

For the company’s employees, Conviso is an example of a great place to work. Andrea Pizatto, Sales Manager, highlights the love for his role and for the company. “From the beginning, in another area, I felt very good in the work environment. In the end, I was called to be part of the Commercial team – and it worked out very well”.

Employees say that Conviso provides a friendly and healthy environment to work in. “The leadership’s transparency and concern to keep the entire team aligned with the decisions and paths to be followed brings us great comfort. I loved everyone’s culture and collaborative spirit, regardless of their area of ​​expertise”, comments Fernando Vasques Kouyoumdjian, Security Analyst.


After announcing their visual identity and positioning  at the beginning of the year, Conviso aims to empower development professionals in the construction of secure applications. Among the company’s recent actions is the launch of Conviso Platform, its main product, restructured and with greater focus on simplifying the ecosystem and optimizing the application security process for developers.

With the acquisition of N-Stalker, Conviso now reaches clients in over 30 countries, gaining strong relevance in Latin America and Europe and adds solutions in Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), in addition to the Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect of applications to your Services portfolio. With a focus on internationalization, the company says that the next step will be to expand its business to the United States as well.

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