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Conviso acquires N-Stalker and conquers customers in over 30 countries

After 14 years in the Brazilian market, Conviso acquires N-Stalker, conquering not only customers in more than 30 countries but also a strong relevance in Latin America and Europe. With a focus on internationalization, the next step will be to expand the business to the United States.

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Conviso will rely on the technology of N-Stalker, which became known for its solutions in Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), in addition to a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect applications. One of the strategies is to evolve the combination of technology, which has been integrated into the Conviso Platform.

The main functionalities previously provided by N-Stalker are now made available by Conviso Platform, such as the security scanning (DAST) and Web Scan features. As a result, the combination of the two tools enabled a more complete DevSecOps platform that adheres to the demands of the global market.

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What changes for Conviso Platform users with the acquisition of N-Stalker

Wagner Elias, CEO of Conviso, explains that the N-Stalker technology is patented in the US and has maturity in dynamic application security analysis. According to him, this allowed an expansion in the resources of the company’s platform – becoming a great differentiator in the AppSec market.

The CEO also reveals that the acquisition brought financial results to Conviso – and that the company has already doubled its size, reach, and revenue.

“We have already been positioning ourselves as a global company for years now, so much so that our official communication is in English”, he reinforces. “This strategy with N-Stalker, which was born as a global company, with customers spread across more than 30 countries, further reinforces our presence in the global market,” declares the CEO.

In addition to investing in the international market, Conviso also intends to consolidate itself as one of the largest platforms for Application Security products and services, investing in new market research and development.

The founder of N-Stalker and advisor to Conviso, Thiago Zaninotti, points out that one of the main benefits of the acquisition is what it brings to the developer. “It brings to the product an integration with defense mechanisms so that the developer can lead the construction of secure applications from the beginning”, says Zaninotti. “After all, this is what the concept of secure and privacy by design is all about, especially given the requirements of specific legislation in each country”, he adds.

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