Application Security

The importance of a platform for managing an AppSec program

Developing secure applications is a constant challenge for enterprises. As the amount of data generated and stored increases, security has become a critical aspect of ensuring user confidence and protecting the business. In this context, adopting a platform for managing an appsec program (application security) is critical.

An AppSec management platform is a solution that provides a set of tools and processes to manage the application lifecycle. This platform helps identify and fix security flaws, improve code quality, and ensure compliance with internal and external security policies. It also helps manage security testing, code review, static and dynamic analysis, and other activities.

Why use a platform for management in an AppSec program?

Below, I invite you to learn why an AppSec management platform is essential for companies that want to keep their applications safe and secure.

  1. Early identification of vulnerabilities

An AppSec program management platform enables you to identify security vulnerabilities early in the development process through the use of SAST (Static application security testing), DAST (Dynamic application security testing), and SCA (Software Composition Analysis) tools. This makes it possible to immediately fix these vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious hackers. By detecting and correcting vulnerabilities at an early stage, the cost and effort of repairing the problem are significantly reduced.

  1. Centralizing Vulnerabilities

A company often performs several different processes to identify vulnerabilities, for example: Pentest, SAST, DAST, SCA, etc. With the use of several other methods, the company can make use of an AppSec management platform to centralize all the vulnerabilities found in just one place, thus allowing for greater control and visibility over the security risks that the organization has.

  1. Security Policy Compliance

Security policies vary from company to company, but generally involve requirements for protecting data and preventing security attacks. With the help of an AppSec management platform, enterprises can ensure that their applications are in compliance with these policies, and they can also guard against external regulations or standards that may affect the business.

  1. Integration with development processes

An AppSec management platform can be integrated with existing development processes, meaning that development teams do not need to change their existing processes to work with the platform. Instead, the platform integrates seamlessly with existing tools and processes, allowing the development team to work more efficiently and with a focus on security. In addition, the platform can be integrated with incident management systems, helping to ensure that security problems are resolved quickly.

  1. Visibility and reporting

An AppSec management platform provides detailed visibility and reporting on application security activities. This enables security and development teams to track security program progress, identify problems, and find solutions more quickly and efficiently. Visibility and reporting also help communication with stakeholders, including business managers, auditors, and other staff.

  1. Asset Management

With the proper use of a platform, the company can centralize all its assets in a single location, enabling visibility into which assets present vulnerabilities or more risks to the business. Thus allowing the organization to elaborate specific controls for each type of asset.

  1. Cost and Risk Reduction

Early detection of vulnerabilities, improved code quality, and compliance with security policies can help reduce the risk of security breaches. In addition, the company can make action plans based on the information a platform provides, thus acting proactively and preventing future risks to the business.

Conviso Platform: platform for managing an AppSec program

I can’t help but mention the Conviso Platform, which is one of the AppSec management platforms available in the market and can be an excellent option for companies that want to keep their applications secure. Conviso Platform offers many features and functionality, including static and dynamic code analysis, vulnerability management, issue triage, activity tracking, and detailed reporting. With this platform, companies can improve code quality, reduce security risks and costs, and protect their business and reputation against security breaches.


An AppSec management platform is essential for companies that want to keep their applications safe and secure. Implementing an AppSec management platform can be an important strategic decision to protect the company’s reputation and business.

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