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Scan Consolidation – Optimize your development team’s work!

Ensuring the security of applications has become increasingly difficult in recent years. This happens for several reasons, such as the bigger integration of cloud infrastructure, which increases an organization’s attack surface.

In this context, organizations take a security approach that streamlines operations using multiple tools that provide different capabilities rather than specific solutions. 

The complexity of using multiple scans restrains the success of operations, diminishing the ability to collect meaningful analyses. Each tool requires management and supervision to achieve some effectiveness of use, overloading security teams. 

This issue is getting worse as more scans are implemented to address different security challenges.

Obstacles in the Scan Consolidation

When our engineering team was working on the improvements that resulted in the current version of Conviso Platform, one of the main goals was to optimize the developers’ day-to-day. And one of the problems reported to us by developers was the excessive use of tools in daily processes, such as, for example, scan tools, which ran in parallel. 

For these devs, this generates some obstacles, such as:

  • It becomes difficult to get a unified view of the results of these scans;
  • It gets harder to see the vulnerabilities found;
  • It generates the need to follow these results one by one, as well as the creation of a management routine to be able to access all results in several different tools;
  • In general, it makes day-to-day tasks slower and more laborious;

Optimizing your team’s work

See how we solved this problem at Conviso, in an automated and effective way:

Secure Pipeline, responsible for consolidating the scans, offers a range of integrations with the platform, streamlining the process and centralizing all analyzes in a single place:

Within the Conviso Platform, we get an overview of the findings, where all results are deduplicated and centralized in the same place:

Conviso Platform integrates to several security tools, consolidating different results in a single platform. We make it simple to administer and monitor your organization’s application security,  by reducing the learning curve for new developers, allowing them to be quickly and efficiently inserted into AppSec processes. 

You’ll identify AppSec solutions that integrate directly into your business’s existing infrastructure, helping to centralize management and operations.

By combining different data streams on the platform, it gets easier to generate deeper insights. Correlated information has more meaning when viewed in a larger context. Furthermore, by gathering the information about your findings on a single platform, the team will not have to spend extra time searching multiple interfaces for information about these potential vulnerabilities.

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