Webinar – Understanding the new PCI SSC Security Framework Software

Further to Conviso’s actions in promoting the AppSec community, on June 30th we held another free Webinar on our YouTube channel, this time with the theme “Understanding the new PCI SSC Security Framework Software”. 

The idea was to clarify the most frequent doubts of the public about the new PCI SSC Software Security Framework directly with who best understands about the subject – the Associate PCI SSC Director, Carlos Caetano. Who conducted the chat was Conviso Application Security CEO, Wagner Elias.

It was a dynamic and very interactive broadcast.

Those who missed the live broadcast can still check the full video, where the following topics are covered:

  • The main differences between the Software Security Standards and the PA-DSS
  • What is the Secure Software Lifecycle Standard (Secure SLC)and how it will be used

Among other topics.

Check out the profile of the participants:

Wagner Elias

CEO, Conviso Application Security

He has been working with Information Security since 2004, having worked as a consultant, team leader and consulting manager. He has extensive experience in conducting Application Security projects in companies of the most diverse segments. He is the founder of the Brazilian chapter of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Carlos Caetano

Associate Director (LA Region for Brazil), PCI SSC

Responsible for raising awareness and adopting PCI standards in Brazil, working closely with tradesman, acquirers, financial institutions, security professionals, police forces and other stakeholders in the Brazilian payment ecosystem. Carlos brings broad experience to the PCI Council, having spent the past 16 years working on information security – and the past 13 years working directly on PCI programs. Carlos Caetano has a degree in Computer Science, a Masters in Computer and Network Security, and a postgraduate degree in Business and Project Management.

Watch it:

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