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The Amazing Electrosphere

In the daily journey of security analysts, when performing intrusion tests, some steps end up being repetitive, such as running tools to find simpler vulnerabilities such as Missing Security Headers.

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These tools end up bringing positive results, which the analyst must later register on Conviso Platform so that the customer can have better visibility and experience when managing these identified vulnerabilities. 

A good example of a tool used by analysts is Nuclei, which helps to identify Low Hanging Fruits (In the context of security, it refers to the easiest vulnerabilities to be found).

Considered an excellent template-based vulnerability scanner, Nuclei provides the analyst with an agile and accurate scan of multiple assets and protocol types, such as DNS, HTTP, TCP, File, and SSL, among many others.

This mechanism facilitates and makes the analyst’s time more productive, allowing them to model all types of security checks with powerful and flexible templates.

 It is satisfying for any analyst to know that it is possible to select several hosts to be scanned and then, through the tool, obtain the result of the complete check as requested.

Get to know Electrosphere

To make the results of our processes for searching and identifying vulnerabilities more qualitative and agile when using tools like this, we have developed a solution that can add even more value to our Conviso Platform, gaining scale and optimizing analysts’ time.

Analyzing this scenario, Conviso’s Research and Development team developed a tool to integrate Nuclei and Conviso Platform. Here comes Electrosphere, a microservice that registers all outputs in Nuclei with just one command line! 

Its development will help analysts to register vulnerabilities/notifications from an output of the Nuclei tool in an automated way on the platform.

Electrosphere runs in a Container Docker.  What before was transferred via Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to Conviso Platform, now just adds a command line in the terminal. That enables the results on the platform in just an Enter, as shown in the example below.

Electrosphere proposes to be a collaborative and open-source tool for analysts, developers, and other users of the Conviso Platform. The constant updating of new templates correlated with Nuclei Outputs allows scale and optimizes the time of everyone responsible for projects on the platform.

If you are a Conviso Platform user and use Nuclei in your work routine, get to know Electrosphere in practice and reduce the time of registering vulnerabilities and notifications on the platform by accessing the GitHub project. Take the opportunity to contribute to our project and improve it, making life easier for an entire community that can use this integration for vulnerability management.

With Electrosphere, your technical team will be dedicated to identifying a bigger number of vulnerabilities. Through the use of Conviso Platform and its integrations, your team will achieve continuous application security, ensuring not only quality for the business but also agility in your work routine.

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