Application Security

Privacy by Design and Data Security

Privacy by Design: Why it is important First of all, when we think about the concept of privacy by design, we need to bear in mind that it comprehends the incorporation of mechanisms to ensure the privacy and security of personal data to all development processes. Though, to understand this concept better, we need to go back a little and understand what privacy is. The modern idea of…
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Phishing scam using Conviso's name: don't fall for it!

Webinar: PIX and the Secure Development


Cloud Security: How Security is Affected

How secure is your data when it’s stored in the cloud? When it comes to Cloud Security, it is very common to believe that using a reputable server to store data online is enough to keep applications safe. Have you ever wondered if your business data is safe enough in the cloud? Of course, large companies that work with this type of service invest heavily in Cloud Security. But it…
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How to increase the security of your container

Immutable Infrastructure in AppSec