Setting up an IPSEC VPN using OpenSwan in cloud environments Sem categoria
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  • Thalles

    Thalles 17/11/2016

    Great tutorial. Just one thing, do you think keeping the suggestion of SHA-1 as handshake still a good idea?
    I would probably recommend going up for SHA-2 at least.

    • Daniel Arenas

      Daniel Arenas 17/11/2016

      Welcome to Conviso’s Blog Thalles!
      Indeed, is a better idea to use a stronger handshake. Nevertheless, is still secure and widely used nowadays for IPSec purposes.
      See, for SHA-1 you have 2^160 key value possibilities, and its quite very unlikely to obtain the value before the communication ends.
      I will consider that and update the information 🙂
      Thank you.


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