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Secure By Design – Building secure applications

Secure by Design is about building secure applications from scratch with a shift-left approach, being part of a complete AppSec program formed by the Conviso Platform. , validate security, among others, however, AppSec is about building secure applications, not just leaving security as a final step in a process.

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When we think about Secure By Design, it is important to reinforce the performance of threat modeling to identify the weaknesses and potential risks associated with what we are developing, and from this analysis we can define security requirements so that the team can build more efficient applications. safe from the beginning of its design.

But what exactly is threat modeling?

During a software development process, some steps must be observed and analyzed with a secure eye on the part of the developers, so that the result is a security application that can reach all the established requirements. It is at this stage that we can include Threat Modeling, a process that searches for possible risks to which our software may be exposed. As a result, the team can work with focus to resolve the root cause of a given security issue before it even has a negative effect on the application.

Performing threat modeling is a guarantee that your application is more secure, as it will identify scenarios that may allow an attacker to compromise or even cause some damage to the application. With that on the table, it is possible to identify security requirements that can mitigate or even eliminate these scenarios.

In short, with threat modeling as part of your AppSec program, you and your team will have more visibility, increased security awareness, during the construction phase of a new application.

Defining security requirements when building applications

After carrying out the threat modeling, with the potential risks identified, it is time to define requirements so that the team can build security applications from the beginning of their conception. OWASP defines requirements as the need to identify security controls that will be important within the software security context.

The first important point is to create a working set of security and privacy requirements, which will be used as the basis for building all the software. It is also important to identify the functional requirements of the software that will need more attention during its construction. From a security perspective, when we document requirements, we need to ensure that security best practices are adhered to. In addition, during this phase, we cannot forget to observe adherence to recommendations and/or market requirements, as well as compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Building secure applications with the Conviso Platform

Conviso Platform was created to support the entire DevSecOps process, and certainly, Secure By Design could not be left out of the 5 products that are part of the platform, created to guide in a secure construction process.

The overall purpose of the Conviso Platform in this phase is to ensure that your application is secure by building threat modeling and identifying security requirements in a consistent, scalable, and intelligent way. It is through this product that problems are detected that IAST tools often cannot. The product thus provides the main libraries of requirements and security countermeasures, while fostering integration and collaboration between development, architecture and security teams to execute these processes. Secure By Design will also share responsibilities with these teams to identify potential threats, as well as raise mitigation plans before even starting to build source code.

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