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AppSec to Go: Quality Assurance and AppSec

               Another episode of our AppSec to Go podcast is already on the air. This time, the theme is Quality Assurance and AppSec. And to address this very relevant topic, we have invited CEO and founder of Prime Control Everton Arantes.

 As an entrepreneur participating in Endeavor’s ScaleUp program, his performance was recognized as the PME that grew the most in Brazil in 2018 and 2019 by Deloitte, in addition to being a major influencer in the Digital Transformation market.

The result of our chat is a very insightful episode regarding concepts of QA and AppSec. A very important message that the professionals have reinforced during the whole conversation is that when it comes to QA and AppSec, it is not just a matter of technology and design – it is also a question of culture.

Listen to the entire episode to check out:

  • What the Quality Assurance process really is – an overview, when to use it and what results to expect.
  • The role of the QA in the LGPD
  • The tendencies to gain scale and agility in the process
  • How to culturally work on the relevance of QA within teams

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