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Mitre Attack Bot: An easy to use bot for searching the Techniques in Mitre’s database.

Have you ever wanted to search something from the Mitre database but didn’t really wanted to leave your Slack conversation? Is a group attacking your network and you want to know what techniques they usually employ and what are those techniques? We have the ideal APP for you! Mitra Attack Bot.

Needing only an internet connection, python and pip, we merged a little bit of python and the code from MitreAttack and created a handy bot for you to search the Mitre database without having to leave Slack or having to scan their gigantic list!

To install the nifty bot you only need a Slack workspace (Which i assume you have since you are still reading) and a computer connected to the internet (Although a server like Amazon AWS would be much more stable)! Access our repository and follow the steps to create a Slack app and run the bot!

Feel free to make a pull request or open an issue should you find any problems or improvements in the bot! The more the merrier!

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