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Managing the Secure Development Process

When we started developing the platform which is the Conviso Platform today, our intentions were always to transform this in a central point where our clients could gather in one place not only data but also important information about their projects, auxiliating in our Secure Development Process.

Nowadays we can, through Conviso Platform, gather in one platform all services that allow our clients to manage their vulnerabilities, run integration using external tools, create and keep playbooks, allow continuity in teams’ activities, register and keep gained knowledge with tests and more.  

However, we want to focus this article on how to auxiliate development teams to guarantee code review continuity whenever there is a change in coding.

A Secure Development Process

When we build safe development processes together with our customers, we always seek first to understand how we can help without bringing more friction points within the teams.

Seeking to implement a process is always a very complicated task, involving a series of changes that often come up against a resistant team that is opposed to change.

Such a resistance to some extent is normal, and we hope to face this “problem”, but we try to show that, being done in the right way and using the right resources, everything can be simpler.

When we put the resources, we try to show the importance of two, which we consider very important in building a secure development process.

1. Centralizing Information 

The first of these resources is a platform that will facilitate the team to centralize the information and steps that are necessary to carry out a structured development.

Our suggestion is to use our Continuous Application Security platform, Conviso Platform.

Conviso Platform can help teams maintain a series of centralized procedures, which can be followed and validated directly on the platform, without the need for other tools that increase management complexity.

With the integration features of Conviso Platform, it is possible to integrate the tools normally used by development teams such as GitHub, Bitbucket and many others.

This integration allows that as soon as a code change happens, it can be revised as soon as possible, as its new version will trigger a demand within Conviso Platform, triggering the test teams.

This integration ensures that new codes are always reviewed.

If any vulnerability is found, it will be registered in the Conviso Platform that will start to manage the correction, showing all the necessary information to the managers through a Dashboard.

Within a process there is always a concern for how we will maintain the standardization of a team’s actions and tasks. In the case of using Conviso Platform, we guarantee through the use of playbooks for each task, such as tests and / or correction processes.

The creation of these Playbooks can be done either by the Conviso team or by the client team using the Conviso Platform. This allows the client to maintain control over how their teams will perform at different times.

With Conviso Platform integrations, we can help you maintain greater control over the steps and actions needed to keep your code secure.

2. Security Champions

A second point, also very important in building a safe development process, is having someone who can help build bridges.

Security Champion can be the bridge that will show the way in the safe development process, and for that, Conviso Platform gives strong attention to the fact that we need to keep in touch between the development teams and these important figures.

That is why our platform allows direct communication between these two teams, always ensuring that the knowledge acquired in the exchange of knowledge remains registered and saved in Conviso Platform.

Your code requires more attention

We can say that Conviso Platform is like a big umbrella, where we put all the necessary resources below it so that our customers can be sure that their codes receive due attention and undergo a continuous process of reviews and validations.

Preventive action is one of the fundamental principles in guaranteeing code security, that’s why we seek to update and maintain our Conviso Platform for this purpose.

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