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Great Place to Work: Conviso is among the 15 best companies in Paraná in its category

Conviso has been named on the 2021 list of Best Workplaces in the state of Parana, Brazil. The company received the esteemed recognition after an analysis conducted by Great Place to Work. In the category of small companies, it was ranked among the 15 best

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The 12th edition of the ranking was announced on November 4th during an online event. In total, approximately 300 Brazilian companies have competed for the Great Place to Work ranking in the state. One hundred of them were classified, and they were segmented into three categories: large (more than 1,000 employees); medium (between 100 and 999) and small (from 30 to 99) – the category in which Conviso currently finds itself, with its approximately 65 employees.

Diet Rocha, Director of People and Culture at Conviso, credits this achievement not only to the company’s efforts – but mainly to its employees. “We aim to grow 1% a day, and we also are lucky enough to work with people who think big, and who have a sense of ownership. We work so that our communication is as transparent as possible, we promote active listening and encourage people to have goals in their personal and professional lives”, explains the director, listing some of the factors that have helped Conviso conquer the top 15 .

What does the Great Place to Work recognition mean for Conviso?

The certification, which is present in over 53 countries, is a recognition offered by the GPTW Institute to companies that value employees and stand out with good practices in the work environment. Qualification is carried out through a survey that serves as the main standard of excellence in the world, and is highly demanding in its certification, evaluating aspects such as benefits, autonomy, organizational climate, management transparency, remuneration and pride in being part of the organization.

Now, Conviso plans to continue working so that, in the coming years, it continues to be seen as an excellent company to work for. Among the actions planned for the coming months is a leadership development program, in addition to the opening of affirmative vacancies aimed at increasing the number of women in Technology.

In order for these programs to be successful, Diet intends to continue betting on what was pointed out by employees as one of the company’s strengths: a human work environment: “We place great value on the behavioral and emotional aspects. This care for each one is natural and without being forced. We demand constructive, productive feedback so that everyone can have an excellent evolution in the company”, he concludes. It is worth remembering that Conviso has open vacancies in several sectors of the company.

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