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Conviso announces Podcast – first episode is now available

Conviso has just released its own podcast, AppSec To Go. The goal is to further stimulate appsec debates through relaxed conversations with those who experience the theme on a daily basis. In the first episode, the interviewee was the CEO of Conviso, Wagner Elias, who told a little about the AppSec Scenario in Brazil in the last 12 years – that is, since the birth of Conviso. The content is in Portuguese.

As one of the pioneers in AppSec in Brazil, Conviso has witnessed and experienced the transformations in this market over the past decade – and that is what inspired the pilot episode. Over the next few episodes, AppSec to Go will cover news about the AppSec world, promote interactions and conversations with big names in the market and also bring relevant news and content about the Application Security industry.

For the next episodes, the idea is that the audience participates by giving suggestions of themes through our social networks, which are Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook. 

Check out the first episode in its full version:

  • An overview of the national AppSec market over the last few years;
  • The biggest challenges in application security within the development process;
  • Brazil in the AppSec market – how it positions itself and its most innovative offer to the global market;
  • The cultural changes that involve the transition to a secure development process;
  • The importance of investment in team training;
  • The impact of AI in the AppSec market;
  • How the global crisis scenario caused by COVID-19 affects the AppSec market;
  • The future of AppSec.

Check it out

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Communication Analyst at Conviso. With a degree in Journalism, she has 10 years of experience as a content strategist, as well as as a content editor.
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