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Conviso and N-Stalker join forces in application security

Conviso Application Security, a pioneer in application security in Brazil, and N-Stalker, a company specialized in developing web application security analysis solutions, join forces and align their application security strategy by combining N-Stalker technology as a module of Conviso Platform, Conviso’s main product, presenting a more complete DevSecOps platform, aligned with market demands, including abroad.

Following an agreement signed between the companies last week, Conviso now licenses the rights to use N-Stalker technology globally and exclusively. In this new scenario, the founder of N-Stalker, Thiago Zaninotti – one of the first certified professionals in information security in Brazil – takes the position of Director of Products at Conviso to collaborate in the development of application security solutions.

Thiago brings a great expertise to Conviso. In addition to his experience in R&D in the international market, he has a master’s degree in Computer Engineering from IPT-SP, with a specialization in Innovation from Stanford University GSB and R&D from INSEAD, in France.

 “This strategic alignment with N-Stalker, together with Thiago’s coming to Conviso, represent a breakthrough in research and development of security products for developers. Most security solutions in software development are made by security professionals for other security professionals, and Conviso wants to serve the most interested one: the developer” says Wagner Elias, CEO of Conviso.

As a result, N-Stalker technology integrates with Conviso Platform and extends its security scanning capabilities (DAST and SAST) and automated protection through Virtual Patching. “One of the greatest benefits of integration is to bring a native inspection technology, static and dynamic testing, as well as integration with defense mechanisms so that the developer can conduct a secure application built from the beginning – as the concept of secure and privacy by design dictates, especially in view of the proclamation and enforcement of the General Law of Personal Data Protection (LGPD)”, complements the new Product Director of Conviso.

Global positioning

For Conviso, which has over 12 years of operation in the Brazilian market and accumulates successful cases among the largest Brazilian banks, large e-commerces and major credit card companies, this union goes far beyond transformation into the product, since it consolidates Conviso’s internationalization strategy.  “We have already positioned ourselves as a global company for some years, so much that our official communication is in English and many of our clients are from overseas. This strategy with N-Stalker, which was already born as a global company, reinforces even more our presence in the global market”, says Elias. 

N-Stalker, in addition, was born 20 years ago as a solution for detection of vulnerabilities in web servers and has customers in more than 30 countries. Over the years, Conviso and N-Stalker have made an alignment of values and business visions that couldn’t be disregarded. 

“They are two pioneering companies with a lot of representativeness in AppSec joining their expertise, which greatly enhances our offer to the market. Besides that, with Thiago’s background, we started to offer even more resources to the market. No doubt all the research and development in application security gains a lot with this” explains the CEO of Conviso. 

Zaninotti agrees and states that the impact of this strategic plan for the application security market will be very positive, because “the signals we give to the market are that, like what happens abroad with the deepening of companies’ specialization in this niche, Conviso and N-Stalker add their technologies as an integrated Application Security solution more adherent to the demands of the global market and with data privacy legislations”.

Conviso Platform

Conviso Platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform created by Conviso that supports the entire security cycle in software development. It was created based on the Software Assurance Maturity Model (SAMM) – a project from the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) portfolio that defines a series of practices with the objective of improving software security. It is currently the only global tool, but with Brazilian DNA, which is focused on the entire development cycle.

About Conviso

With over 12 years of experience in application security projects and specialized products, Conviso is recognized by the market as one of the companies with the most experience in Application Security. Despite having headquarters in Curitiba and an office in São Paulo, Conviso attends clients all over the world.

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