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Attack Surface: Continuous monitoring and management of the application

Have you ever wondered about the importance of continuously monitoring and managing your application’s external attack surface? Let’s find out what risks we might expose our applications to by neglecting this care and the benefits of these practices within an AppSec program. 

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This article that shows how Attack Surface –  a Conviso Platform product –  can transform the day-to-day of developers and, along with the other four products on the platform, play a fundamental and complementary role in the secure development lifecycle.

The importance of continuous monitoring

When an asset is exposed on the web, it’s necessary to ensure that we have control and visibility over potential threats or vulnerabilities. The monitoring and validation of findings from analyzes performed – whether through dynamic tests (DAST), interactive tests (IAST), or Network Scans need to be monitored and maintained in a centralized and organized way by the teams involved in the process.

A common problem in the market is the inefficiency of traditional security tools, which often fail to identify shared assets. These tools are not resilient to small environmental changes. They cannot track off-site assets or even ensure that critical data is kept private and secure. These factors can leave applications completely exposed, at risk of data leakage, and put assets at risk. It all comes up to rework and unnecessary expenses by not continuously prioritizing security during the development process.

External Application Attack Surface Management (EASM)

The increasing complexity and expansion of environments are leading many people to look for solutions that help development teams understand and manage the entire attack surface of their applications.

External Application Attack Surface Management (EASM) represents the continuous practice of looking for vulnerabilities and anomalies in systems such as infrastructure, third-party services, and applications often exposed to remote threat actors. Mapping your applications’ attack surface will allow you to continuously discover and assess the risks so you can prioritize and remediate them.

Gain control and visibility

The search for a well-developed process should be the goal of every professional who aims to improve the security of their application. 

That’s why Conviso Platform relies on Attack Surface to monitor and test your application against threats. Our solution can reveal vulnerabilities in systems that your organization might not yet be aware.

The product puts you, the developer, as a protagonist in AppSec, with roles shared with security teams and under the guidance of experts in the field, to carry out the continuous monitoring of the security of the application, either through dynamic tests (Dynamic application security testing – DAST), Scans Networking and comprehensive asset control.

By integrating and orchestrating the various scans provided by Conviso Platform, Attack Surface also provides an unified view of all application vulnerabilities. It facilitates management through important security data and insights, as well as essential resources to implement a complete AppSec program.

Attack Surface is an intuitive product, which promotes the best experience for you and all the teams involved in the project. It enables you to schedule the execution of your tests to be performed at the best moment for the project, define the desired test depth, and make modifications as the business requirements change and the threats evolve. 

In addition, throughout the entire process, it is possible to have access to a unified view of the status of all vulnerabilities in your applications.

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