Webinar: Software Security Architecture

Often underestimated by professionals inserted in the DevSecOps culture, the Security Architecture concept seeks multiple approaches to solve one same problem. But why has it been so neglected lately and how can it be resumed in the daily lives of security teams to optimize the routine and maximize results?

To better understand all these aspects, Conviso held a free and interactive webinar on the topic on December 10th. On the occasion, the CEO of Conviso, Wagner Elias, had a chat with Carlos Taninaka, Cyber ​​Security Manager at Creditas. This webinar was part of a series of initiatives aimed at promoting the application security market in Brazil.

Over the course of an hour of chatting, they addressed the role of security architecture and Taninaka shared some of his solid experience working with AppSec at Creditas. 

Check out a few of the topics that were covered:

  • What is the importance of thinking about a Security Architecture from the beginning
  • The main aspects of Security Architecture
  • How vulnerability fix prioritization works with the product and development team
  • How to raise awareness of engaging people outside the security area about the importance of the application security culture

The content of this webinar is for now only available in Portuguese, but if you’d be interested in seeing us creating webinars and videos in English as well, let us know in the comments below.

To watch it, just hit the play button:

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