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AppSec training through People & Culture

We know that we need to develop applications with security to avoid the numerous threats of everyday life, however, how to carry out this work with the development team without training in AppSec?

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Here at Conviso, we defend the DevSecOps culture, seeking security best practices to apply during the development cycle. However, disseminating this culture within your team can be a challenge, which is why we have brought you three reasons in this article to invest in AppSec training.

1. No knowledge, no change

If we do not seek to promote knowledge within our team, there will be no change, it is at this moment that we arrive at the classic phrase “if we always do the same things, we will always have the same results”. Therefore, it is necessary to start thinking about investments aimed at security training, in this way, with knowledge, the secure development journey will be more tangible.

2. Continuous learning

A team encouraged to have continuous learning is constantly evolving, and this will reflect on the quality, and consequently on the increasingly advanced security of its applications.

One of the best allies for this is to seek to maintain the practice of continuous training, in this way, your team will be aligned with the news that may appear in the market and able to act in cases of emergency in the security of your application. After all, we know that the AppSec market is constantly changing, and the search for improvements must always be present when we talk about Secure Development.

3. Maturity in AppSec

We cannot forget, too, that training goes beyond complying with current regulations — investing in AppSec training and training can help your team reach maturity in its development process. As we’ve always pointed out, AppSec is culture and we need to spread that across teams.

Conducting training aimed at achieving greater engagement on the part of development teams can be the beginning of a strategy to have employees increasingly specialized in security. However, it is important that the training your team will carry out encompass different learning methodologies, always focused on the needs of your team.

Learn a little more about the importance of training in AppSec by clicking here.

Discover People & Culture

Thinking about the continuous development of your team, we developed People & Culture, a product integrated to the Conviso Platform, with the purpose of delivering value to your business through training in secure development and various topics of AppSec for development teams, enabling them to as to think about secure by design, prevent, identify and correct security problems.

Based on the information of registered assets, People & Culture, takes a data-driven approach to the main gaps of developers, providing a library of activities based on real problems, in addition, the product uses a gamification approach, and provides an efficient, attractive and easy-to-learn experience for the developer.

Get ready to count on a team of highly skilled developers in application security through People & Culture.

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