AppSec to Go: The importance of investing in AppSec training

Do you understand the impact of investments in AppSec training on the maturity of your company’s secure application development? This is what the second episode of AppSec to Go podcast is all about.  To talk about it, the host of this episode – our CEO, Wagner Elias – talks to Nicolas Schmaltz, who is the leader of our Consulting and Training team.

In this episode, Wagner and Nicolas talk about the long-term benefits of this investment, which go far beyond compliance with current regulations. They also address the types of training formats, as well as the most common mistakes in this process and how to avoid them.

The Conviso podcast is part of a series of actions we have taken to foster the AppSec community. You can listen to the pilot, about the application security market in the last 12 years, by clicking here. The content is in Portuguese.

Listen to this episode to check it out:

  • The types of training formats in AppSec
  • How to deal with the challenge of employees’ lack of engagement
  • How to make AppSec training part of our daily routine
  • What should be the focus of an AppSec training program
  • Gamification strategy in AppSec training
  • The most common mistakes in AppSec training

Check out the entire episode:

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