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AppSec: Integrations with CI/CD tools through Conviso Platform

Within development teams, managing results in CI/CD tools, getting visibility, continuous feedback, quick iterations, and being able to find and fix security issues without slowing down the pipeline flow can be a challenge. After all, managing several tools simultaneously, without a unified view of development as a whole, generates a waste of time and often rework. 

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Main advantages

Decreasing rework and making your application analysis more effective can become more feasible through Conviso Platform and its integrations, allowing the integrated management of your application’s data and processes.

Discover the main CI/CD tools that integrate with Conviso Platform:

AWS Codebuild

CodeBuild is AWS’ continuous integration service. It is possible to configure pipelines from several sources, from AWS CodeCommit to other widely used tools such as GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, and BitBucket. You can also use an S3 storage bucket as a code provider. The integration with the platform is done through a building project in CodeBuild, which can be completely independent of the existing pipeline for your code.

Azure Pipelines CLI Mode

Azure Pipelines is a CI/CD module of the Azure DevOps platform. Currently, integration with the platform consists of a Bash-like task executed using a docker container and a CLI-like application. Our experts highly recommend an understanding of the PyPi CLI tool. The integration of continuous code review analysis with Azure Pipeline aims to create a direct connector with the development pipeline to perform a code review of each deployment. This integration will make it easier to track revisions of each piece of source code without affecting the development process.


Bitbucket by Atlassian is a tool highly sought-after by developers. The solution hosts a cloud-based Git repository that integrates with Jira and other Atlassian products. With Conviso Platform, this integration allows you to integrate directly into the development pipeline without impacting your business.


CircleCI is a CI/CD platform focused on bringing agility to the pipeline creation process. Currently, integration with Conviso Platform products takes advantage of CircleCI’s native docker support, executed through a docker image made available on Dockerhub, with a CLI-like tool available on PyPi.


GitHub is one of the internet’s leading hosting, development, and code management platforms. It integrates with Conviso Platform and GitHub through an API built by our team of devs with the best development practices, done through CI/CD pipeline tracks and via Defect Tracker – a resource for creating tickets.


Among its many features, GitLab runs pipelines against your code repository using Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Pipeline in this context of CI/CD is the term given to the trace that the code will follow whenever necessary. These pipelines are usually made up of stages that can be “nicknamed” as needed (with some reserved words). The community often adopts the terms: scan, check, build, test, and deploy, among others.

One of the benefits that the platform makes available to manage deployments are review status checks. If a vulnerability is identified in the code, it sends a notification to those in charge to fix it. 

Complete management in the DevSecOps process

Conviso Platform supports the entire DevSecOps process. In addition to these integrations, it is possible to integrate other tools with different needs, providing your development with a complete AppSec program. Learn more about platform integrations.

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