AppSec Drops: AppSec news commented by Conviso experts

You already know Conviso’s podcast AppSec To Go, which promotes debates on application security through relaxed conversations with special guests.

  Now Conviso is also launching AppSec Drops, a series within AppSec to Go where Wagner Elias, Conviso’s CEO, and Thiago Zaninotti, our Product Director, approach the latest news about the application security market.

  The main idea is to promote quick conversations to address technical topics regarding the AppSec industry. On the first episode they chat a bit about the security of different programming languages. 

The first episode of AppSec Drops covers the following topics:

  • Why is the security on Java often questioned?
  • Vulnerabilities across different programming languages over the years

 For now, the content is only available in Portuguese. Hit the play button to listen:

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