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4 tips for those who want to invest in a career in Application Security

If you have become curious about the routine of an AppSec team and are considering this career, we have gathered 4 tips from Conviso specialists for those looking for a career in Application Security.

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1 – Understand that AppSec goes far beyond Pentests.

This tip came directly from our CEO, Wagner Elias. Application security is the name given to the process of building, launching and maintaining secure applications – always through the best practices applied to development. However, many people still think that application security is limited to pentests, which is a huge mistake! “The AppSec professional will, besides developing, also focus on building secure applications”, he states.

2 – Have knowledge in programming languages.

According to Daniel Arenas, our CTO, understanding programming languages ​​and being a developer are important steps to enter the AppSec market. But in case you still don’t have programming knowledge, don’t be discouraged! Focus on studying and reading more about this topic.

3 – Attend your community’s OWASP Local Chapter events

The acronym OWASP stands for “Open Web Application Security Projec”. It is a non-profit organization and with international recognition, which works with a focus on collaboration to strengthen software security around the world. OWASP Local Chapters, in turn, are communities for application security professionals worldwide. In some places, there are face-to-face meetings, but with the pandemic, most events and training are online. Furthermore, the events are free and open to anyone. Besides promoting networking, hearing about the day to day of those who work in the area is great.

4-Study English!

Hey, we know that, if you’re reading this article in English, big chances that you’re already either a native English speaker or and advanced student of the language. Many AppSec study materials are available in English only. For this reason, an Application Security professional who invests in learning the language will certainly be able to stand out and have a nice growth in the area. 

So, did you identify with the Application Security world? Conviso has a talent bank open to professionals who want to enter this market. So, whether you are experienced in AppSec or have knowledge in software development and a strong interest in learning more about AppSec, sign up for our talent bank.

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